MRI Scanner at Bearl Equine Clinic 

Equine MRI From Equine Vets In Northumberland

Standing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is provided here at the clinic for early safe and accurate lameness diagnosis.

Horses and ponies throughout the North East, diagnosed with lameness problems, can now be MRI scanned in a bid to locate the problem and cause.

Bearl Equine Clinic installed this facility over 5 years ago to speed up the diagnosis process and help racehorse, performance and leisure horses back on the road to recovery.

The Hallmarq MRI Scanner is located in a purpose designed building, situated within the clilnic. Our specialist team of vets led by PartnerAlex Font; are able to use their experience to use the scanner and interpret the detailed images.

How Can MRI help?

Often during a lameness work-up 'nerve blocks' will be used to discover where the pain is coming from. This is then followed with X-ray or ultrasound examinations but because these imaging tools only show bone (x-ray) or some other soft tissues (ultrasound) it is common not to be able to see anything significant.

In these cases a standing MRI can save time, money and worry through early, safe and accurate diagnosis.
Accurate Diagnosis leading to Appropriate Prognosis

A standing MRI will help you differentiate which palmar foot pain cases have a good prognosis and merit treatment and which don't.

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